Introducing GS CRM, an all-encompassing ERP platform tailored exclusively for our esteemed partner, Global Sana. With GS CRM, Global Sana takes a leap forward in streamlining operations, not just in appointment management, but across every facet of their business.

GS CRM stands as a dynamic web application that serves as the nerve center for managing consultants, customers, and appointments. It introduces a comprehensive contract management system, enabling hassle-free creation and oversight of contracts for every customer. Additionally, a robust commissioning module empowers super admins to efficiently handle consultant commissions.

Leads, the lifeblood of any business, find a new level of management in GS CRM. The platform facilitates seamless lead import/export operations and employs intuitive Kanban boards for lead tracking. Further, GS CRM establishes vital connections with various insurance partners, enabling precise calculations for different insurance types, from car and home to life insurance.

Key Functionality Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Consultant Management: GS CRM offers a centralized hub for overseeing consultants, ensuring their profiles, expertise, and availability are always up-to-date.
  • Efficient Customer Management: Managing customer information, interactions, and preferences is seamless with GS CRM, leading to personalized and effective service.
  • Holistic Contract Management: From creation to oversight, GS CRM simplifies the entire contract lifecycle, ensuring all customer agreements are managed effortlessly.
  • Empowering Commissioning Module: Super admins have a dedicated space to efficiently manage consultant commissions, contributing to a transparent and equitable compensation process.
  • Lead Management and Kanban Boards: GS CRM facilitates lead import/export operations and introduces Kanban boards for visual lead tracking, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked.
  • Insurance Partner Integration: Establishing external connections with insurance partners allows for precise calculations for various insurance types, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Global Sana’s GS CRM represents a quantum leap in operational efficiency. It’s more than an appointment manager; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers every facet of the business. By harnessing the power of GS CRM, Global Sana aims to enhance productivity, optimize workflows, and deliver exceptional service to their valued clients.

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