We are proud to present Mini Globalcheck, a cutting-edge web app developed exclusively for the partners of Global Sana. With Mini Globalcheck, we have created a powerful tool that allows users to calculate their pension benefits accurately and plan for a financially stable retirement, all through a mobile-friendly interface.

Designed with user experience in mind, Mini Globalcheck guides users seamlessly through the process. By providing essential personal information, the app generates precise calculations tailored to each user’s specific circumstances. This personalized approach ensures accurate results and empowers users to make informed decisions about their retirement plans.

Upon completing the input process, Mini Globalcheck presents users with an interactive graph that showcases their projected pension benefits at retirement. This visually appealing representation serves as a valuable tool for understanding and visualizing one’s financial future. It allows users to gain insights, make adjustments, and plan accordingly to meet their retirement goals.

Mini Globalcheck goes beyond basic projections, offering users the ability to customize their pension journey. With features like goal adjustment and the option to add private savings, users can explore different scenarios and see how these variables impact their overall pension benefits. This level of flexibility provides a comprehensive view of retirement planning and empowers users to make informed choices.

Key Features of Mini Globalcheck:

– Mobile-Friendly Design: Mini Globalcheck is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience wherever you are.
– Personalized Calculation: The app guides users through a step-by-step process to input personal information, resulting in accurate pension benefit calculations.
– Interactive Graph: Users can visualize their projected pension benefits through an interactive graph, gaining a clear understanding of their financial future.
– Scenario Planning: Customizable features allow users to explore different scenarios, adjust goals, and incorporate private savings to create a comprehensive retirement plan.

With Mini Globalcheck, we have developed a powerful tool that empowers Global Sana’s partners to take control of their retirement planning. By leveraging the app’s intuitive interface and robust features, users can make well-informed decisions and pave the way for a financially secure future.

Unlock the potential of your retirement with Mini Globalcheck. Start planning for your prosperous future today.