We are pleased to present the result of our collaboration with Häfeli-Brügger, a renowned recycling company. Together, we have developed a state-of-the-art web application that revolutionizes the disposal process and offers Häfeli-Brügger’s customers a seamless and convenient way to rent dumpsters tailored to their specific needs.

Our user-centric web application simplifies the rental process, allowing customers to effortlessly select the ideal dumpster for their disposal requirements. By using our intuitive system, customers can easily specify the type of waste and choose the appropriate dumpster size to ensure efficient and effective waste management.

However, convenience doesn’t end there. Our web application streamlines the rental process by providing customers with a secure online payment system. Customers can complete their transactions seamlessly using common online payment methods, with the payment covering only the deposit for transportation and disposal. The final invoice is generated by Häfeli-Brügger based on the actual weight of the dumpster. This eliminates the need for manual processes and ensures a smooth rental experience.

Once an order is placed, Häfeli-Brügger takes care of the logistics. The company promptly delivers the rented dumpster to the specified address, ensuring a timely and convenient service. When customers no longer need the dumpster, Häfeli-Brügger handles the pickup and takes responsibility for proper disposal and sustainable waste management.

Key features of the Häfeli-Brügger Web App:

  1. Easy Dumpster Selection: Our intuitive system guides customers through the selection process, making it effortless to choose the perfect dumpster size and waste type.
  2. Flexible Rental Duration: Customers have the freedom to adjust their rental duration to optimize costs and meet their specific project requirements.
  3. Secure Online Payment: Our web application offers a secure online payment system, accepting common payment methods for seamless transactions, with the payment covering only the deposit.
  4. Reliable Delivery and Pickup: Häfeli-Brügger ensures prompt delivery of the rented dumpster to the specified address and takes care of the pickup after use to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  5. Sustainability Commitment: Häfeli-Brügger places great importance on environmentally responsible waste management and ensures proper recycling practices for a greener future.

With the Häfeli-Brügger Web App, we have revolutionized waste management and created a user-friendly platform that simplifies dumpster selection, payments, and logistics.