Sell ​​your property by yourself?
Victor makes it easy!

You receive comprehensive knowledge and professional aids for a comfortable and secure transaction for your real estate sale.

Simply save time and money.
Anyone who wants to sell a property has access to the knowledge and the tools for a comfortable and secure transaction. Intuitive and self-determined.

Guide to success
You can do it yourself – and I’ll help you with it.
The real estate sale is probably one of the biggest transactions in your life. For this to succeed, you must gather all the information about the property. So you are able to answer the various questions of the buyer. Also think about your accessibility. It’s best to complete your personal profile right away. Once you have all the documents together, you set the selling price. Then you choose the appropriate marketing tools to find the right buyer. He wants to visit your property undoubtedly before deciding to buy and signing a contract. As you can see, there are a few steps to be taken and a lot of expertise is required of you throughout the sales process.

Effective aids
Everything you need to work. Easy – and around the clock.
Thanks to the Internet, most of the products and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some services are chargeable and available only to professionals. But I know them all and have the necessary access. With my help, you can handle the sale on your own professional and successful. So you can make the buyer happy and help him to a new home. All you need is a computer with internet access, a mobile phone, enjoyment of people and enough time.

Knowledge is power
Every answer at the right time.
Granted, selling a property requires a lot of expertise. Everything, but really everything you need to know about successful real estate sales, is available on the internet. The trick is to actually find the information you need at the right time. I’ll save you the tedious search and deliver everything you need to know at the push of a button. The many technical terms are explained understandably.

With me you get all the information about the successful real estate sale, valuable tips from years of practical experience and a variety of practical checklists. You can claim the comprehensive knowledge for a single one of 30 steps on the road to successful sales. Upon request, you can gain access to a bundle of six steps or one of five sub-processes. With the “all-round carefree package” over the entire process, you additionally save against the single price. If you also want to use professional tools, I can get you these services at unbeatable conditions. My support is available to you for 7 days and 24 hours – whenever you need it. So you will save costly mistakes. You decide for yourself which services you would like to use.

The addition of an expensive real estate broker, who often demands a marketing fee of several thousand Francs over and above his commission of 3 to 5%, can save you that confidently.

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