GROW yourself – nourish your tree of life
MOTIVATE yourself and others
REWARD yourself – for a healthy lifestyle with Trustcoins

We’ll never know our full potential unless we push ourselves to greatness.


GROW yourself – nourish your tree of life

  • set daily goals: it’s the key to success
  • daily water demand: staying hydrated is the key to perform well, physically and mentally
  • thankfulness list: cultivating gratitude is the key to happiness and optimism;  let’s practice appreciation for what one has
  • vision board: is a powerful space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life


MOTIVATE yourself and others

  • motivational platform: discover, post and share motivating pictures and quotes
  • meetpoints: connect with people with the same goals and desires in life
  • educational platform: gain knowledge for self-optimization and self-realization
  • live-votings: which ORG-project shall we support this year?


REWARD yourself for a healthy lifestyle

  • By exchanging collected Trustcoins products in health, sports, sustainability and technology can be earned.


YWT is a self-optimization app for a conscious and content life. Pursue and master your growth based on individual goals. Your tree, your life, is growing every day.


YWT serves as a motivational platform and promotes a healthy and positive attitude towards life through the exchange with like-minded people.


Through daily missions and tasks, a conscious and healthy life is playfully achieved. Activities in the app are rewarded with TrustCoins. With the TrustCoins interviews and workshops can be unlocked and products can be purchased in the shop.


With the YWT app, we are building a worldwide community.
Together we realize projects in the field of environment and fellow human beings and accelerate the way to a sustainable future.