We are proud to present our latest accomplishment as the developers of the SFC Koenig Consultant Platform. This innovative web application has been exclusively designed for the esteemed consultants of SFC Koenig, a leader in Sealing and Flow Control Technology and solutions, and a top producer of such supplies in Switzerland.

The SFC Koenig Consultant Platform represents a game-changing tool that revolutionizes the way consultants interact with clients. Developed specifically for iPad usage during client meetings, this platform empowers consultants to effortlessly access and showcase the extensive range of products and solutions offered by SFC Koenig. With a few simple taps, consultants can explore the entire product catalog, providing clients with real-time insights into the diverse range of sealing and flow control solutions available.

Seamlessly integrated within the platform is the capability to complete orders directly from the iPad, transforming the client engagement process into a streamlined and efficient experience. Consultants can generate customized orders on the spot, ensuring accuracy and promptness in meeting client needs. This cutting-edge functionality not only saves time but also enables consultants to deliver a superior level of service, leaving a lasting impression on clients.

As the developers of the SFC Koenig Consultant Platform, we have meticulously crafted a solution that aligns with the unique requirements of SFC Koenig and its consultant network. Our team understands the critical importance of intuitive user interfaces and smooth navigation, ensuring that consultants can effortlessly showcase products and effortlessly complete orders while meeting with clients.

This groundbreaking platform enhances the overall client experience, positioning SFC Koenig as a trusted industry leader that leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional service. By streamlining the client consultation and order completion processes, the SFC Koenig Consultant Platform empowers consultants to focus on building strong client relationships and providing tailored solutions.

Experience the power of the SFC Koenig Consultant Platform, the ultimate tool for seamless client interactions and efficient order processing. Join the ranks of SFC Koenig’s esteemed consultants and revolutionize the way you engage with clients. Embrace the platform we have developed, tailored to the unique needs of the sealing and flow control industry. Start your journey with the SFC Koenig Consultant Platform today and redefine your client consultation capabilities.